10 ways to stay mentally strong during the winter

The winter months tend to bring out the blues in many of us. From it getting darker earlier in the day leading to less vitamin D, to the anxiety of having the perfect holiday with family, to the hustle and bustle of everyone else buzzing around in a hurry and not paying attention. Life as normal is busy and stressful, however the winter months and holiday season tend to be even more stressful than other times of the year.

Even fun activities like going on vacation or taking in a show can seem more stressful during this time of year. Increased stress causes the body to be flooded with cortisol and adrenaline – which leads to an elevated heart rate and high blood pressure. when these side effects are prolonged and repeated, the stress begins to start damaging tissues and organs leading to long term damage.

Becoming aware of the stress and the triggers that lead to higher stress is the first step in combating it. There are other positive choices that can be made to alleviate stressors. Share with friends and family, let’s help to reduce stress among everyone this season.

10 Ways to Stay mentally Strong During the Winter & Holiday Season:

  1. Never criticize someone in public
  2. Breathing – practice breathing exercises that calm your mind and adrenal system, which allows you to stay more in the present moment, focused on positivity
  3. Be open to new ideas, no matter where they come from. Collaboration is a great way to reduce stress and accomplish more
  4. Complimenting others – find a reason to compliment others and truly mean it, you’ll feel great and so will they.
  5. If there is a dispute or argument with a loved one, wait until the situation is calm before addressing it. Be willing to walk away during the heat of the moment.
  6. Address tension when it arises, don’t avoid situations but also don’t be combative during them.
  7. Work to find the solution not the problem. Focus on the positive outcomes and stay solution focused, this will help you be more calm
  8. Smile often. Smiling helps us remember the situation isn’t as big as we may think it is. Smile and share a smile with others, one smile can spread good cheer and happiness to others.
  9. Create loyalty with others by being loyal yourself.
  10. Drop the perfectionist attitude. Nothing and noone is perfect – no outcome has to be perfect. Drop the attitude of perfectionism and expectations of situations and just enjoy being present with who you are in the moment.


This season make a conscious effort to eradicate stress by enjoying life and going the extra mile to remain positive in all situations. When you feel tension coming on just breathe and think about whose life you can impact with a smile or a compliment. Showing gratitude is also another great way to reduce stress and tension during this season.

The power lies within you to change the reaction to your situation. Control your thought process and attitude and see how others are positively affected by it too. Share the joy this season and stay mentally strong!


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