5 Easy Ways to Beat Stress at the Workplace

Stress is a major burden to most employees, especially in high-pressure work places like mental health facilities and other medical professions. We can’t stress enough the importance of stress management, not just for your patients, but to promote your overall health. Since the workplace is usually stressful, here are a few ways to reduce the issues you face at the workplace on a daily basis.

1. Take a look outside. Take a tip from the tree-huggers and enjoy the flora via the windows, or a quick walk outside. It’s guaranteed to lower your stress level every time!

2. Pinch your thumb and index finger together for two minutes. According to acupressure therapists, this technique has been proven to reduce tension.

3. Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep increases Cortisol, AKA the stress hormone. Do you know what does not? Sleeping. It increases the natural production of HGH. That means a better body, better approach to stress, less aging, and overall a better life!

4. Watch your nutrition – not enough vitamins can mean serious mood tanking and work productivity failure. Depression, anxiety, and hunger do not a good work environment make!

5. Healthy body calms the mind. Be it yoga, weightlifting, tennis, swimming, or quality time with Fido, getting a little exercise is proven to improve the mindset and energy levels, resulting in more work completed and ultimately, less stress.

Working in a professional, highly specialized environment means there are a lot of liability and mental risks in the office. We hope these tips help take your risk level down a notch.

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