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When your clients need help with their Anxiety

As a mental health professional it’s important to identify the key signs your client may be going through severe anxiety, in order to [...]

9 Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year

Not all New Year’s resolutions focus on finances, weight, and …

The Elephant in the Room. Is Your LLC or Business Entity Insured?

Starting your own private practice is a significant milestone. It means you’re ready to hang out your shingle and stand behind a clinic [...]

6 Ways to Boost Mental Health Care Treatment at Home

6 Ways to Boost Mental Health Care Treatment at Home …

Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit

The potential for malpractice among dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals has become a growing concern. Dietitians, in [...]

Celebrating Our Social Work Clients: Thanks for All You Do!

It’s National Social Worker’s Month, and we at CPH would like to recognize the amazing dedication, compassion, and work ethic displayed [...]

From The Tip of the Nose to the End of the Tail

It is important to always review your professional liability insurance policy to know what your coverage includes. Two of the most [...]

Types of Supplemental Insurance Coverage

In addition to professional liability insurance coverage, our policy includes a variety of supplemental coverage to further that “peace [...]

5 Simple Steps to Get You Through Your Day

There are days when the mornings are not sunny and the tasks that stand before you are enough to make you want to pull the covers back [...]

Happiness Happens- Celebrate!

In 1998 the Secret Society of Happy People declared Aug. 8 as Happiness Happens Day and expanded the celebration into the entire month [...]

Release and Let It Go: Feel the Empowerment

Regret is like a cancer, it can eat you up inside. Nobody goes through life without making mistakes; it is part of the human [...]

Overcoming the Obstacles of Anger

We are surrounded by things that can trigger anger. Some are small: rush hour traffic, lost keys, maybe a broken dishwasher. These [...]

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