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The Importance of Consent Forms in Your Mental Health Practice

Reducing your risk as a mental health practitioner is key to protecting your practice. Mental [...]

Teletherapy – The Do’s, The Don’ts and the In-between

It’s not good practice to add teletherapy into your repertoire, before knowing what your state [...]

5 Ways to Cope with Depression

Depression is quickly becoming one of the most common and debilitating mental illnesses, and with [...]

When your clients need help with their Anxiety

As a mental health professional it’s important to identify the key signs your client may be going [...]

9 Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year

Not all New Year’s resolutions focus on finances, weight, and …Starting your own private practice is a significant milestone. It means you’re ready to hang out [...]

6 Ways to Boost Mental Health Care Treatment at Home

6 Ways to Boost Mental Health Care Treatment at Home …The potential for malpractice among dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals has [...]

Celebrating Our Social Work Clients: Thanks for All You Do!

It’s National Social Worker’s Month, and we at CPH would like to recognize the amazing [...]

From The Tip of the Nose to the End of the Tail

Two of the most important times to know the ins and outs of your policy are when initially [...]

Types of Supplemental Insurance Coverage

When considering the purchase of professional liability insurance, think of all of the possible [...]

Happiness Happens – Celebrate!

Mental health counselors and others in the mental healthcare industry can often times use a [...]

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