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Great News! Texas Marriage & Family Therapists Can Continue to Diagnose

Had the court of appeals decision been allowed to stand another suit probably would have been [...]

Meeting Resistance? Take Heart!

It happens. Sooner or later, virtually all clients/patients become resistant to our professional [...]

LOVE, and its many meanings in the therapeutic process

In February, we Americans have several traditional holidays, celebrating our two greatest [...]

New Year’s Resolutions: Hope vs. Doubt

At this time of year, almost everyone is wishing each …The holiday season is now underway.  Christmas decorations on Main …As a therapist, your social media presence may not seem important, but it certainly should be. [...]

Families – Always a Factor

It was already a truism in mental health circles more than sixty years ago: when a “problem” [...]

Insurance Company Records Request

It seems that requests by insurance companies or contractors for insurance companies for copies [...]

Temptations in Clinical Encounters

By definition, a temptation is an individual inner urge to …*An earlier version of the article did not include a …The beginning of a new year traditionally is a time …We therapists are paid to be nosey—in a professional way, …