Can Nutrition Keep Your Brain Healthy? Plus 5 Tips for Eating Smart On-the-Go!

March is National Nutrition Month! We know it’s hard to keep healthy when you’re working, and even more important to develop a consistent plan for your food habits!

Mental health problems that correlate highly with diet include: depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the NIH, a large percentage of those who report some mental health problems do not eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily.

Historically speaking, in the last century, our eating styles and nutritional intakes have changed drastically. Our processed food intake has increased dramatically, while fresh, nutritious local produce is much lower in our diets. This could explain some of the overall effects our diets could have on our mental health as well as overall physical changes. Supplements have improved peoples moods in a small number of studies, and many nutritional tests are becoming a greater interest in tests and clinical studies. Protect your clients and employees on all fronts and stay aware of how nutrition affects everyone’s mental and physical health!

Our last entry focused on good ways to regulate your diet – these 5 tips are a quick way to supplement for the times when planning is not available.

1. Watch your portions! It’s important to keep track of your calorie intake and/or hunger levels. Most restaurants serve more food per plate than necessary for the average meal.

2. Do you like to eat smoothies or eggs for breakfast? Add some vegetables! Carrots, sweet potatoes or kale are some great options.

3. Replace unhealthy fats like mayo with avocado, nuts and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

4. Think you’re hungry, but it’s not time for a meal? You may actually be thirsty. Set your timer after each meal to see how many hours have passed. If it’s less than 120 minutes, you may just need some tea or water to literally quench your hunger.

5. Make fitness a part of your routine – so that you don’t have to look at the scale. 1 lb. of muscle is leaner than 3 lbs. of fat! And it helps burn calories constantly. Win-win!

These suggestions are good for everyday health, however it’s becoming more and more apparent that diet and mental health are highly correlated. Don’t skimp where it counts – these are more than just good habits, but preventative measures to help you, your family, employees and colleagues stay healthy all year round!


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