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CPH & Associates Proudly Announces New Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program

Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance is now available for, but not limited to, Alcohol and [...]

Employee Spotlight: Faith Frangenberg

Our company is a group of talented, dedicated individuals working together to create an [...]

Employee Spotlight – Charlie Hodson

For our second Thankful Thursday Employee Spotlight of 2015, we are featuring Customer Service [...]

Working For CPH & Associates: The Insider’s Scoop

At CPH and Associates, we know we’re only as good as the people we have standing behind us who [...]

Working for CPH – The Insiders Scoop

At CPH and Associates we believe in hiring great people to join our team that will offer our [...]

Make Real Time Changes to Your Current Policy! – A How-to Guide

Making changes to your policy is simple, and unlike most policies, there’s no hassle of filling [...]

Individual or Group Policy – Which One to Choose and Why?

There are a few fundamental differences between an individual and group policy with CPH [...]

Protecting Your Tail: Your Time Machine for Claims and Coverage

Ever wish you could turn back time when it comes to making a claim or letting coverage lapse? You [...]

Ebola Liability Claims

The 2014 Ebola outbreak has been by far the deadliest outbreak since the Ebola virus was first [...]

What We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Today, we hope that many of us are not at work. We hope that many of us are instead with our [...]

Santa’s List Day Wishes – Liability Insurance

Today is Santa’s List Day, and what better way to celebrate the day of the most important list of [...]

Employee Spotlight – Kat Korte

We absolutely love featuring CPH & Associates team members. It gives us a chance to find out more [...]

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