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CPH & Associates Proudly Announces New Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program

Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance is now available for, but not limited to, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center Insurance, [...]

Employee Spotlight: Faith Frangenberg

Our company is a group of talented, dedicated individuals working together to create an atmosphere of professionalism, trust and [...]

Employee Spotlight – Charlie Hodson

For our second Thankful Thursday Employee Spotlight of 2015, we are featuring Customer Service Representative Charlie Hodson. Here is [...]

Working For CPH & Associates: The Insider’s Scoop

At CPH and Associates, we know we’re only as good as the people we have standing behind us who work diligently to bring our customers [...]

Working for CPH – The Insiders Scoop

At CPH and Associates we believe in hiring great people to join our team that will offer our clients the best in customer care. This [...]

Make Real Time Changes to Your Current Policy! – A How-to Guide

Making changes to your policy is simple, and unlike most policies, there’s no hassle of filling out mountains of additional paperwork [...]

Individual or Group Policy – Which One to Choose and Why?

There are a few fundamental differences between an individual and group policy with CPH Insurance. Reasons to choose a group policy include:

Protecting Your Tail: Your Time Machine for Claims and Coverage

Ever wish you could turn back time when it comes to making a claim or letting coverage lapse? You may have grown up wishing for your [...]

Ebola Liability Claims

The 2014 Ebola outbreak has been by far the deadliest outbreak since the Ebola virus was first diagnosed and recorded. Most of the [...]

What We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Today, we hope that many of us are not at work. We hope that many of us are instead with our families and friends, enjoying wonderful [...]

Santa’s List Day Wishes – Liability Insurance

Today is Santa’s List Day, and what better way to celebrate the day of the most important list of your childhood than to touch on what [...]

Employee Spotlight – Kat Korte

We absolutely love featuring CPH & Associates team members. It gives us a chance to find out more about members of our CPH family, and [...]

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