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November 2016 Avoiding Liability Bulletin

Advertising is one way in which therapists and counselors can attempt to expand their private practices. Mental health practitioners [...]


… Most state laws make it a crime and a violation of the licensing law for a licensee to advertise in a manner that is false, [...]


… Most states have passed laws that prohibit specified health care practitioners from paying or receiving any remuneration, whether in [...]

Self Defense

… I once received a call from an angry patient who asked whether a therapist was permitted by law to physically strike a patient. When [...]


… Practitioners must pay attention to advertising issues because when they advertise they put themselves in the spotlight, not only [...]

Sliding Fee Scale

… In a previous issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin, I wrote about my views (largely negative) on the use of a sliding fee scale [...]

Protected or Prohibited Words

… As mentioned in a prior piece on advertising, the general rule in most states is that mental health professionals can advertise [...]

Advertising “Doctor/Dr.”

As I have previously written, probably on more than one occasion, the general rule on advertising by licensed health professionals is [...]

Pre-licensed Persons

… It must always be remembered that advertising must be truthful and not false, misleading, or deceptive. This of course applies to [...]


… A question has been raised by a reader about the appropriateness of advertising and marketing by therapists and counselors of the [...]

Pre-licensed Persons

… It is important for licensees who employ pre-licensed persons in private practice settings to assure that the advertising by the [...]


… At one time it was frowned upon, if not unlawful, for lawyers, physicians, and psychotherapists to advertise their respective [...]

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