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Meeting Resistance? Take Heart!

It happens. Sooner or later, virtually all clients/patients become resistant to our professional [...]

LOVE, and its many meanings in the therapeutic process

In February, we Americans have several traditional holidays, celebrating our two greatest [...]

New Year’s Resolutions: Hope vs. Doubt

At this time of year, almost everyone is wishing each …The holiday season is now underway.  Christmas decorations on Main …It was already a truism in mental health circles more than sixty years ago: when a “problem” [...]

Temptations in Clinical Encounters

By definition, a temptation is an individual inner urge to …The beginning of a new year traditionally is a time …We therapists are paid to be nosey—in a professional way, …We know how to deal with grief in our clients/patients.  …We therapists are generally supposed to be able to provide some form of helpful psychotherapy to [...]

Engagement with Colleagues: Support, Advice, Community, or not?

Human personality is so complex, and its problems can take so many different forms, that no one [...]

Expressing Feelings: Aid or Error?

Everything we therapists do in sessions is directed toward the goal of helping our [...]

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