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Ethics – Enforcement

What is the difference between an ethics violation and a violation of a state law or regulation governing professional conduct? If [...]

Temptations in Clinical Encounters

By definition, a temptation is an individual inner urge to …

Ethical Standards – Conflict with the Law

… Some practitioners have learned the hard way that they need to distinguish between ethical standards and laws. While a conflict [...]


… The various professional organizations that represent a variety of mental health practitioners have adopted ethical standards or [...]

Verbal Abuse – Free Speech

… There are situations that may arise in the course of practicing therapy where a therapist or counselor may need or want to confront a [...]

Self Disclosure

… How much self-disclosure by therapists and counselors is appropriate? Some practitioners who get in trouble, often in cases involving [...]

Using Patient Information in Public Presentations

… It is not unusual for therapists to talk with colleagues about the work they are doing with certain patients or clients, either [...]

Bequest from Patient

… In last month’s issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin (October 2007), I asked readers to ponder a scenario that involved a wealthy [...]

Advocacy for Appropriate Healthcare

… Therapists or counselors may sometimes desire to advocate with insurers or HMOs for appropriate health care for their patients, but [...]

Home Visits

… Michael Jackson’s death, and the investigation of several doctors, including one or more “concierge doctors,” raised the question of [...]


… There are many legal issues affecting mental health professionals that involve the subject of diversity. Perhaps one doesn’t think [...]

Diversity And The Law

In the December 2009 issue of this Bulletin, I gave three examples of, and asked related questions about, the inter-connectedness of [...]

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