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… Here’s a useful and common case example that may save you from a complaint or lawsuit by the [...]


… What about barter with a patient - is it legal? Is it ethical? The answer depends. Therapists [...]

Raising Fees

… Therapists and counselors who manage their own practices are periodically faced with the issue [...]

Sue the Patient?

… Suppose that the patient has been allowed to delay the payment of fees and that the balance now [...]

The Sliding Fee Scale

… A CPH insured and reader of this Bulletin called me to ask some questions about “sliding fee [...]

… Once in a while, therapists or counselors ask about the propriety of charging a lump sum fee, [...]

“No Shows”

… A reader raised some questions related to the amount charged to a client or patient who does [...]

F. Fees

In the February 2014 issue of the AVOIDING LIABILITY BULLETIN, I raised many questions for the [...]

Equal Pay for Equal Work?

Rather than write yet another article on avoiding liability, I take a brief summer vacation from [...]

Brief Reminders/Topics

The following reminders/topics are not in order of importance and are only brief comments about a [...]

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