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Experiencing The Holidays

For some, the December holidays bring negative reactions. Some dread December and can’t wait to [...]

Celebrating Our Social Work Clients: Thanks for All You Do!

It’s National Social Worker’s Month, and we at CPH would like to recognize the amazing [...]

Happiness Happens – Celebrate!

Mental health counselors and others in the mental healthcare industry can often times use a [...]

Five Reasons We Love Our Customers

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we thought we’d share some Love about the many, many reasons we [...]

The Not-So-Social, Social Worker

For the social worker who is feeling not so social lately due to the need for a vacation, here [...]

3 People Who Make A Difference To Children Every Month

In honor of National Make a Difference to Children Month, CPH and Associates would like to [...]

Music for the Soul

Whenever music therapy is used in a medical setting, there is an increased risk of a medical [...]

Divorcing Children From The Blame

Spearheaded by Rosalind Sedacca, July is celebrated as National Child-Centered Divorce Month. Her [...]

Wellness in the Workplace: Promoting a Healthy Practice!

Do you keep up with trends? Are you pop culture savvy? Then answer this trend question: What’s [...]

5 Facts About Brain Health… And Brain Breakthroughs That Might Surprise You!

Perceptions on brain knowledge, mental health and neuroscience have all changed drastically in [...]

The Best Ways to Celebrate Neurodiagnostic Week!

Don’t forget the neurodiagnostic technologists and professionals in your life. Why? It’s [...]

2015 & Health Care: What We’re Excited About!

On the timeline, 2015 may not seem as important as 2014 was, but honestly the more changes to [...]

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