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How Safe Was Christopher Columbus on His Journey?

They say Insurance people have a one-track mind. “It’s all about insurance for them,” They say… [...]

The Science of Scary

Halloween is coming up. With Halloween come endless spooky decorations, and haunted houses while [...]

The Bulgarian Green Cat — Some Fun With Genetics

A few weeks ago, tourists and residents of Varna, a Bulgarian seaside resort town, spotted an [...]

Some Psychology For Our Four-Legged Friends

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of being able to share life with a dog knows how rewarding [...]

Tricks for Healthier Halloween Treats

Remember those old SAT analogies? Halloween is to Candy as Christmas is to… Gifts! With a holiday [...]

Is Earth Really That Healthy For Us?

Earlier in January, astronomers discovered a star system with at least five Earth-sized planets. [...]

It’s Love, Love, Love!

Falling in love is perhaps one of the most exhilarating experiences we can feel as humans. [...]

Parent Leadership Month – How School Counselors Can Help Parents

February is National Parent Leadership Month and a time to recognize the importance that parents [...]

National Mentoring Month – How to Get Involved

Since 2002, January has been officially designated as National Mentoring Month. It is a time when [...]

A Ray of Hope In the Ebola Scare

The 2014 Ebola Outbreak has become the worst Ebola outbreaks in history, effecting vast regions [...]

2014 – a Medical Review

As we are counting down days, then hours, then minutes to the end of 2014 and the beginning of [...]

Something Lighter – Law and Sausage!

It is well known to even casual observers of the legal system that lawyers are often arguing over [...]

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