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HIPAA and Technology The Need to Know

Technology is consuming society more and more. With companies like Apple who release new iPhones [...]

Wearable Technology – Not Just for Spies Anymore!

We all rely on technology in our workplaces. Theoretically, the advent of technology will lead to [...]

Are Electronic Health Records A Good Solution for Your Practice?

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, are a subject of great technological improvement for more [...]

Best Practices for Cyber Security in the Healthcare Field

Cyber security is a hot and incredibly pertinent issue in the medical field today. With the [...]

Webinar: Take the Confusion Out of Online Security

Featuring Today’s Webinar by Simple Practice, this webinar is highly beneficial for all in the [...]

Are You Ready for the HIPAA Audit Program?

Phase two of the HIPAA audit program has not yet been unleashed, but big changes are on the way. [...]

Top Liability Risks for Psychiatrists

Sound, heavily documented care is no doubt one of the top methods of protection when facing [...]

Are You Exposed? 5 Major Threats to Your Mobile Device

With the ever-changing HIPAA laws, your mobile device may seem more like that imaginary albatross [...]

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