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You’ve Got to Improve Yourself…You are the Moves You Make

Move yourself, you always live your life, never thinking of the future. Prove yourself you are the moves you make, take your chances [...]

Mind Your Health! May is Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month. According to Mental Health America, the theme is “Mind your Health.” If you’re in the mental [...]

5 Reasons Everyone Deserves A Massage This Week

With scientific studies producing consistent results about the positive health benefits of massage, this alternative medicine practice [...]

We Are Thankful

This is the time of year where we all seem to show our gratitude for the things we are thankful for. The weather starts cooling off, we [...]

Stress Free Holiday Guide

Tis the season to be… stressed! With the holidays around the corner it’s hard to not feel on edge with everything that needs to be [...]

Better Breakfast, Better Brain?

There are hundreds (we counted, hundreds!) of phrases connecting food and mental health. You are what you eat, as well as various [...]

Yoga for Mental Health

The Department of Health and Human Services has recognizes September as National Yoga Month! This can mean experiencing a full week of [...]

How Safe Was Christopher Columbus on His Journey?

They say Insurance people have a one-track mind. “It’s all about insurance for them,” They say… “It’s all they think about, it’s all [...]

Christmas, the Worldwide Cheer Fest!

From Cambodia to Czechoslovakia, Christmas celebrations have worldwide connotations with fantastic cheer, good luck, and hope for the [...]

10 ways to stay mentally strong during the winter

The winter months tend to bring out the blues in many of us. From it getting darker earlier in the day leading to less vitamin D, to [...]

The Science of Scary

Halloween is coming up. With Halloween come endless spooky decorations, and haunted houses while horror movies fill up seats at your [...]

Can “Too Scary” Be Dangerous?

Halloween is just around the corner. That means haunted houses, horror movies, terrifying costumes and elaborate decorations of [...]

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