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Great News! Texas Marriage & Family Therapists Can Continue to Diagnose

Had the court of appeals decision been allowed to stand another suit probably would have been [...]

Sandy Hook Elementary School

As we reflect on another mass shooting, we find tragically that in all of the mass killings, [...]

The Right to Diagnose for Texas MFTs

On November 21, 2014 the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, At Austin in Cause No. [...]

Update: The Texas Association for Marriage & Family Therapist Case

This blog is an update to our previously posted blog outlining the current case in Texas [...]

Accreditation – Students File Lawsuit Against University

Universities and colleges throughout the country, and programs within these institutions, seek [...]

Discrimination And Ethics

… A suggestion was made for me to write about a case where Eastern Michigan University (a public [...]

Discrimination And Ethics – Revisited

Suppose that the counseling student did not seek to refer, but instead agreed to treat the [...]

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