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Nursing Professionals – the Generational Gap

Nursing is the largest healthcare profession, with more than 3.1 million registered nurses nationwide, and approximately 2.6 million [...]

How Loud Is Too Loud? Plus Mental Health Tips for Noise Awareness Day!

Tomorrow is the 19th International Noise Awareness Day! Noise has wide and often unforeseen (er… heard?) impacts on mental health and [...]

All Hail The Optician! The Future of Cataracts and Eye Care

This post is for the optician in your group or practice. According to Prevent Blindness America, over 24 MILLION (that’s 24,000,000) [...]

Goodbye Tupperware, Hello Plastic Scare

The trend of plastic-phobia is reaching global craze. By now, it’s not just the nutritionists who are familiar with Bisphenol A, or [...]

The Latest Medical Apps for Students, Residents, and Physicians

Applications have become an integral part of our life – from the endlessly entertaining “Candy Crush” to the social media savvy [...]

Transporting Ebola

We live in a world of unprecedented global connectivity. While the world wide web connects us digitally, air travel can get anyone from [...]

The Positive Impact of Mentoring a Young Person

January is National Mentoring Month, and a time when many volunteers choose to give their time to help young people in need of [...]

World Water Day 2015

OK Baby Boomers, bet many of you once felt you had the monopoly on peace, love and understanding, bringing harmony to the world, dating [...]

Yoga for Mental Health

The Department of Health and Human Services has recognizes September as National Yoga Month! This can mean experiencing a full week of [...]

How Safe Was Christopher Columbus on His Journey?

They say Insurance people have a one-track mind. “It’s all about insurance for them,” They say… “It’s all they think about, it’s all [...]

Mental Illness Awareness Week – Depression

The week of October 5th – 11th is this year’s Mental Illness Awareness Week. Tuesday, October 7th, was the National Mental Illness [...]

Food For Thought – Better Eating to Protect Your Brain

Healthy living through watching what you eat is important, but old news… nobody is going to be surprised with yet another article [...]

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