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Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit

The potential for malpractice among dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals has become a growing concern. Dietitians, in [...]

Preventing a False Malpractice Claim

Many times in a mental health, we as professionals experience encounters with patients who perceived slights against them when in [...]

5 Simple Steps To Filing A CPH Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming. And that doesn’t even include the mental and emotional stress of having to deal with the [...]

Who Can Be Named In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Medical malpractice is found when a medical professional has been negligent in administering healthcare and causes harm or damage to a [...]

How to Power Through a Malpractice Lawsuit

It’s not easy to get through a lawsuit – and malpractice risks are all-too-common for mental and even allied health professionals. The [...]

Massaging Your Liability Insurance

Massage Therapists have an incredibly hands-on job, with many risks! No matter your level of professionalism, the intimate contact with [...]

Nurses, Are You Aware of Your Medical Malpractice Risks?

Medical malpractice liability for nurses may be more common than you think. Consider this scenario: Mr. Jameson, a contractor, suffered [...]

My Employer Already Has Liability Insurance… Why Should I Get More?

For nurses, it is often difficult to justify getting their own liability/malpractice insurance. In most cases, a simple query to your [...]

Top Liability Risks for Psychiatrists

Sound, heavily documented care is no doubt one of the top methods of protection when facing claims and working with patients. As a [...]

Legal Model for Reintegration Therapy

In domestic relations and custody cases, courts may order that a therapist assist in reuniting a child and parent, when the parent has [...]

Santa’s List Day Wishes – Liability Insurance

Today is Santa’s List Day, and what better way to celebrate the day of the most important list of your childhood than to touch on what [...]

Sanity Saving Coverage

It’s no surprise that Mental Health and Allied Health professionals are among those targeted most frequently in misconduct and [...]

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