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When your clients need help with their Anxiety

As a mental health professional it’s important to identify the key signs your client may be going [...]

The Elephant in the Room. Is Your LLC or Business Entity Insured?

Starting your own private practice is a significant milestone. It means you’re ready to hang out [...]

Families – Always a Factor

It was already a truism in mental health circles more than sixty years ago: when a “problem” [...]

Insurance Company Records Request

It seems that requests by insurance companies or contractors for insurance companies for copies [...]

Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance for Mental Health Providers

Have you ever heard anyone tell you that going without liability insurance would be like a [...]

When It’s Time To Tell

School Counselors and School Psychologists have a tough job. One of the most difficult challenges [...]

Reasons Opticians Need Professional Liability Insurance

Opticians, like all other allied health professionals, need professional liability insurance to [...]

Allied Health Liability Insurance: Why It’s Important

It is an unfortunate reality of every allied health provider’s career: At some point there could [...]

Massage Therapists Need a Massage

If you work in any field other than MT, you have probably had a massage at least once to help you [...]

Speaking the Language of Your Clients

All of us want to connect on a meaningful level but for the occupational therapist that [...]

Why You May Need Additional Coverage for Consulting

You’re covered when it comes to patient care and diagnoses. If anyone tries to file a malpractice [...]

3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Isn’t life more complicated than it used to be? Work schedules are more complex; people are [...]

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