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Putting the “Health” in Mental and Allied Health

Both mental and allied health providers have to keep one thing in mind when practicing their [...]

When Practice Isn’t Perfect

Your job as a mental health professional is a major part of your identity, but it’s not [...]

Mental Health Professionals will Benefit from Healthcare Reform

One of the biggest steps in dealing with mental illness comes in eliminating the stigma and [...]

Mind Your Health! May is Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month. According to Mental Health America, the theme is “Mind your [...]

Engagement with Colleagues: Support, Advice, Community, or not?

Human personality is so complex, and its problems can take so many different forms, that no one [...]

Expressing Feelings: Aid or Error?

Everything we therapists do in sessions is directed toward the goal of helping our [...]


After two or more decades of doing therapy, every seasoned therapist knows that she or he has [...]

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