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Teletherapy – The Do’s, The Don’ts and the In-between

It’s not good practice to add teletherapy into your repertoire, before knowing what your state [...]

Online Counseling & What Policyholders Need To Know To Stay Protected

Technology is quickly changing many aspects of both our personal and professional lives, [...]

Cyber Liability

We are in a new age of therapy and coaching: Where practitioners once counseled their patients [...]

Online Counseling And Therapy

There are certain ethics involved in providing coaching and when you’re doing it online, the [...]

Adding Coaching To Your Practice…What You Need To Know

Counseling and coaching are two areas of professional expertise that can enhance the value of [...]

The Positive Impact of Mentoring a Young Person

January is National Mentoring Month, and a time when many volunteers choose to give their time to [...]

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