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Online Therapy

… Where does the therapy occur when a therapist in State “A” is treating a client or patient [...]

Online Therapy – Insurance Coverage

… Therapists and counselors often ask whether or not their malpractice (professional liability) [...]

Online Therapy – Disclosure

… Whether or not required by state law or regulation, therapists who practice online therapy [...]

Telemedicine: Telephone Counseling/Therapy?

… Is there a statute in your state that in some way regulates the practice of counseling or [...]

Telemedicine – Hours of Experience Toward Licensure?

… How does the licensing board in your state handle the acceptability of hours of experience [...]

Online Education/Online Therapy

… It is interesting to me that online education has recently gained, and likely will continue to [...]

Online Therapy

Richard Leslie is taking this month off from his Avoiding Liability duties, so we're presenting a [...]

Telemedicine/Telehealth – Verbal Consent

… I have written about telemedicine before – when I have discussed online therapy, e-therapy, or [...]

Telepsychotherapy (E-Therapy)

I have written about this topic multiple times before (see Archives, under “Online [...]

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