Category Archives: Privilege

Privileged Communications

… If you are covered by the psychotherapist-patient privilege or a similarly titled privilege, be [...]

Privilege and Confidentiality

… It is important to know the difference between confidentiality and privilege. If you do, you [...]


… Typically, the holder of the privilege is the patient and not the therapist or counselor. Thus, [...]

Group Therapy

… With respect to the psychotherapist-patient privilege or similarly named privileges, the [...]

A Common Waiver

… The psychotherapist-patient privilege is an important aspect of patient privacy. As has [...]

Group Therapy

… The psychotherapist-patient privilege (in some states, the privilege is otherwise named) exists [...]

Death Of The Patient

… What happens when your patient dies and your treatment records are thereafter subpoenaed or you [...]

Treating A Couple

While I have written several articles in the Avoiding Liability Bulletin dealing with the [...]

Dangerous Patients

… Suppose that a therapist or counselor determines that his or her patient presents an imminent [...]

JOINT HOLDERS OF THE PRIVILEGE – Meaning and Implications

… Who is the patient? That question may seem rather simple to answer for most practitioners under [...]

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