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Professional Liability Insurance for Allied Health Providers

If you are a provider in the Allied Health Professionals arena, you’ll need Professional Liability Insurance. And here’s why: It covers [...]

5 Exclusions on Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Insurance companies over the years have created several types of insurance policies. Some policies cover a broad spectrum of scenarios; [...]

There’s a Policy For That!

As a mental health or allied health practitioner you may have questioned: Is there a policy out there that fits my needs, understands [...]

You’ve Got to Improve Yourself…You are the Moves You Make

Move yourself, you always live your life, never thinking of the future. Prove yourself you are the moves you make, take your chances [...]

Nourishing the Liability Formalities

Food For Thought: What happens when nutritional advice offered does not have the desired result for a certain client?

3 Reasons to Renew Your Professional Liability Insurance Early

You purchased professional liability insurance as soon as you started working as an allied healthcare provider. With CPH & Associates [...]

Medical Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

Consider the following scenario: Mr. Smith, a mechanic, was admitted to ABC Medical Center after suffering a heart attack on September [...]

Reasons Opticians Need Professional Liability Insurance

Opticians, like all other allied health professionals, need professional liability insurance to guarantee the security of their [...]

Does Your Professional Liability Insurance “Hear” You?

A claim of negligence can be expensive to fight and potentially damaging to your practice, so it is important that all Audiologists are [...]

Recreational Therapists: Activate Your Professional Liability Policy

Recreational therapists work to improve clients’ physical and mental well-being through a variety of services. Sometimes though, in [...]

3 Reasons Nutritionist’s Need Professional Liability Insurance

Nutritionists and dieticians play a key role in the health and wellbeing of their patients. The careful development of menus is often [...]

Allied Health Liability Insurance: Why It’s Important

It is an unfortunate reality of every allied health provider’s career: At some point there could be a mistake or critical error that [...]

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