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What is Professional Liability Insurance for Mental Health Providers

Professional liability insurance for mental health counselors, therapists, psychologists and social workers helps protect professional [...]

Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance for Mental Health Providers

Have you ever heard anyone tell you that going without liability insurance would be like a tightrope walker crossing between the two [...]

Group/Corporate/Non-profit Coverage

Group policy coverage has been provided to employees since practically The Depression era, originating as an added incentive that would [...]

Determining Whether You Should File a Professional Liability Insurance Claim

Filing a claim as a mental health practitioner sometimes involves a little bit of forethought, similar to anticipating moves during a [...]

Do You Know Your Liability Limits?

Sometimes being successful in life has to do with knowing our limits. We’d like to think we have boundless energy but as we mature we [...]

Is Professional Liability Insurance the Same in Every State?

When moving, you generally pack a suitcase or two, load up a truck and head out from point A to point B. You and your stuff are [...]

3 Struggles Every Mental Health Care Provider Faces

Mental health is valued in our society as how well a person functions through their day-to-day tasks. People are viewed as mentally [...]

What Happens When a Therapist Doesn’t Have Insurance?

For therapists it is wise to invest in professional liability insurance. Many agencies require it, however even if it is not required, [...]

When It’s Time To Tell

School Counselors and School Psychologists have a tough job. One of the most difficult challenges is determining when it’s time to get [...]

3 Unusual Lawsuits To Be Aware Of

Lawsuits for Mental Health practitioners can take a variety of forms, and no two cases are identical. Malpractice Insurance for Mental [...]

What Every Marriage Therapist Should Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Many couples wait until their relationships are strained to consider marriage therapy. In many situations, they are already dealing [...]

Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy

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