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Do You Know Your Liability Limits?

Sometimes being successful in life has to do with knowing our limits. We’d like to think we have [...]

3 Struggles Every Mental Health Care Provider Faces

Mental health is valued in our society as how well a person functions through their day-to-day [...]

3 Unusual Lawsuits To Be Aware Of

Lawsuits for Mental Health practitioners can take a variety of forms, and no two cases are [...]

What Every Marriage Therapist Should Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Many couples wait until their relationships are strained to consider marriage therapy. In many [...]

Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy Spearheaded by Rosalind Sedacca, July is celebrated as National Child-Centered Divorce Month. Her [...]

The Exposure of Cyber Coaching on the internet to liability

Cyber coaching is a new way of both doing business and providing a necessary service to the [...]

3 Ways to Recover from Daylight Savings Time:

It’s that time of year again when we feel a little out of sorts. We’ve just gone through a time [...]

The Affordable Care Act to Increase Mental Health Services

What would you consider essential healthcare services? Ambulance? Hospitalization?With the new HIPAA guidelines that have been put into action on September 23, 2013, it’s [...]

3 Reasons Technology Should Be Updated

HIPAA has introduced many new rules regarding personal health information (PHI) and how to secure [...]

Wellness in the Workplace: Promoting a Healthy Practice!

Do you keep up with trends? Are you pop culture savvy? Then answer this trend question: What’s [...]

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