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The Unfamiliar Therapy

The impact that art therapy is having in the mental health field is tremendous. Art therapists have been able to make great strides [...]

Have You “Tech’d” Your Insurance Policy Lately?

Professional liability insurance for medical tech’s isn’t just an option; it’s a key component to protecting yourself and safeguarding [...]

Celebrate Strategic Thinking Month by Doing This

September is International Strategic Thinking Month. The key to strategic thinking is being intentional in our actions. All too often [...]

Music for the Soul

It’s undeniable that music has a therapeutic effect. It can transport us to another place, a different time, laden with both memories [...]

How to Know You Have the Right Coverage

Shopping for professional liability insurance can be overwhelming. As you read through countless contracts and try to decipher the [...]

Terms on Your Policy You Need to Know

The days of vocabulary quizzes may be long gone, but there are a few terms on your professional liability insurance policy that you [...]

Better Safe Than Sorry! Why Interns Need Insurance

Taking the first step out of the classroom and into the real-world working environment is a significant achievement along an intern’s [...]

HIPAA Regulations and Your Practice

The health and privacy rule is part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). It covers the [...]

Are You A Strategic Thinker? Medical Industry Edition

September is International Strategic Thinking month. No, this holiday was not made solely for 007 admirers or chess enthusiasts – but [...]

Your Top 3 Needs When Opening a Private Medical Practice

Owning your own private practice was like a dream… until it wasn’t. You made the move into private practice, and suddenly EVERYTHING [...]

Adding on to Your Policy – When to Add an Additional Insured & How to Do It!

There are two types of add-ons you can make to tailor your policy to your needs. It’s important to keep your professional liability [...]

Individual or Group Policy – Which One to Choose and Why?

There are a few fundamental differences between an individual and group policy with CPH Insurance. Reasons to choose a group policy include:

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