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Insurance Company Records Request

It seems that requests by insurance companies or contractors for insurance companies for copies [...]

Federal Regulations and Guidelines for Client Access to Records*

*An earlier version of the article did not include a …

Authorization Forms

… When you receive an authorization form from another, allowing you to release information to the [...]

Treatment Records – Ownership

… One of the common questions asked is who is the owner of treatment records kept by therapists [...]

Treatment Records

… Therapists and counselors should recognize that good record keeping practices will often serve [...]

Treating Children

… One of the issues that therapists and counselors face when the patient is a child involves the [...]

Records – Stolen, Lost or Destroyed

… A supervisee is receiving off-site supervision (assuming it is legal and appropriate in the [...]

Treatment Records

… While I have previously written about record keeping issues (see Bulletin Archives, primarily [...]

Access to Records – “Noncustodial Parent”

… It is important for therapists and counselors to know the law with respect to parental access [...]

Records – Removal of Information From File

… Suppose that a patient or client makes a proper request to inspect or copy his or her records. [...]

Records – Destruction at the Request of the Patient?

… Some states may not have a law that specifies the length of time that patient records must be [...]

Testifying In Court Or At A Deposition

... A therapist or counselor must be prepared to testify in court or at a deposition, under oath. [...]

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