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Something Lighter – Cancel the Appointment

… A therapist called me to consult and indicated that the patient had called and had threatened [...]

Termination of Treatment

… Here’s a common situation that often creates a dilemma for therapists. Suppose you are treating [...]

Termination – Who is the Patient

… It is not uncommon for therapists to have a difficult time answering the question asked above. [...]

Termination and Referral – When Does the Duty to the Patient End?

… If the termination of treatment process is not properly carried out, the attempt to end the [...]

Termination Of Therapy – Client Stops Attending

... A reader has asked me to write about a narrow aspect of termination. More precisely, the [...]


… In the January 2012 issue of this Bulletin, under the title of Termination of Therapy – Client [...]

Termination Letters

The following reminders/topics are not in order of importance and are only brief comments about a [...]

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