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“Suicide Runs” Directed By Personal Trainer Result In Client Injury And Lawsuit

According to the allegations of a recent lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania federal court, a 61 year old client of a personal trainer [...]

Health Benefits of BollyX

BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired cardio dance fitness program that utilizes …

How Group Fitness Instructors Can Benefit By Being Certified In BollyX®

As a group fitness instructor certified/licensed in multiple formats, I …

5 Ways to Stay Healthy while on Vacation

It can be tricky to stay healthy on vacation, but sun and sand or the wide open road doesn’t mean giving up on your nutrition and [...]

3 Amazing Smoothies to Fuel Your Summer Workouts

A smoothie is the go to of any true fitness aficionado – right? But the routine can get boring quickly if you don’t mix it up with [...]

Educating Your Clients on How to Work Out During Their Vacation

Even when you are on vacation and away from your gym or fitness studio, keeping up with a workout routine should be a priority. Your [...]

A Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps Giving

Moms nurture and tend to the needs of their children, grandchildren, even spouses – often forgetting to take time to care for their own [...]

Pilates + Park + Picnic = Party! International Picnic Day is June 18th

Pilates in the park isn’t a new idea – plenty of fitness trainers move large classes outdoors when warm weather to increase class [...]

Fitness Could be the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week, and June 19 is Father’s Day. What better time to give dear old dad a healthy gift that will encourage [...]

Winter Wonderland – The Most Beautiful Outdoor Places to Workout in the U.S.

Down for a little adventure with your workout? Plan a trip in 2016 to one of the top rated outdoor scenic places to workout in the [...]

5 Outdoor Workouts You Can Do This Summer & the Sunscreen to Wear for it!

Looking for a great workout to do this summer? We’ve thought of five off the top of our head.

Boutique Gyms and Drop-in Classes: Good or Bad?

Travel enough, or jump around from gym to gym, and you’ll hear the topic of drop-ins come up a lot.

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