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Flexible Coverage for Bendy Business Owners

Choosing to teach the fundamentals of Yoga is more than just an economic decision. While the [...]

Flex Your Smartest Muscle as a WellFit Professional

Just like proper stretching and technique are essential in the gym or on the field, you know that [...]

Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage Terms Explained

Fitness Insurance can be daunting, and when you apply for a policy, you might feel overwhelmed by [...]

When a Mishap is Not Your Fault, it’s Still Your Fault

A guy falls off a treadmill, hits the floor, and starts doing push-ups to impress the gal walking [...]

Return on Your Personal Trainer Insurance Investment

People usually measure value in a dollar amount. It’s a straightforward approach that makes sense [...]

Liability Insurance Can Save Your Career

If you knew there was a way to protect your career as a personal trainer, would you do it? Of [...]

Yoga in the Park? Get Insurance that Covers all of Your Outdoor Workout Classes

The enticing weather during the spring easily draws people outside. All fitness buffs and yogis [...]

So, How “Covered” Is a Personal Trainer/Instructor?

If you work in Wellness and Fitness, chances are, Liability Insurance is not something that is on [...]

Massage Therapists Need a Massage

If you work in any field other than MT, you have probably had a massage at least once to help you [...]

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