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Seven Things Fitness Clients do that make Personal Trainers Crazy

7 Things Fitness Clients do that make Personal Trainers Crazy …Have you been trying to introduce functional training to your …A guy falls off a treadmill, hits the floor, and starts doing push-ups to impress the gal walking [...]

Incorporating Nutrition into Your Personal Training Business – You Could be at Risk

Often times as a personal trainer you follow strict guidelines when it comes to nutrition in [...]

Bodies vs. Machines – Are Your Clients Getting a Balanced Workout?

Some fitness clients eschew machinery, preferring the mat, barre, or free weights to guide their [...]

Is Online Training a Fad or Here to Stay?

We are living in a time of peak busyness. People are always multi-tasking, on the go, and glued [...]

Summer Workout Ideas Your Clients will Love

It’s summertime, which means New Year’s Resolutions have long since …Boot camps. Whether you have taught a class, have attended a class, or have heard a friend talk [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Client Injury During a Session

Have you gotten real with yourself and asked the question, what would I do if my client got hurt? [...]

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