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Spotlight Interview – Rachel Drake

Rachel Drake is a personal trainer out of Troy, Ohio. …

Spotlight Interview – Cathy Keith

Cathy Keith is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Food & …

Spotlight Interview – Brittany Adams

Background Brittany Adams is a certified personal trainer who works …

Friday Fitness Feature: Sandy Cochran

Sandy Cochran is a Chicago based fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and nutritionist. Sandy is known for his work with celebrities [...]

What’s Your Story, Jacques Laventure?

Jacques Laventure also known as MTV’s the Naked chef began his career as a personal trainer in LA California. Jacques founder of [...]

WellFit: What’s Your Story? Aaron Manheimer

As a celebration of our launch of the WellFit Wellness and Fitness Liability Insurance program, over the next months, we will be [...]

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