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Weightlifting — The Myths

The days are getting longer, the allergies are starting to show their seasonal faces, and the [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym

Regardless of what the reason is, whether it’s to look a bit tighter in the midsection with [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym Part 2

Last week, we wrote about what it takes to get over the fear and intimidation of gyms, and how to [...]

What’s the Deal With Shin Splints?

If you are a runner, or play any kind of sport that involves running, there is a very good chance [...]

You May be Fit, But Are You Military-Fit?

Ok, so the term “Boot Camp” is now used for a variety of non-military exercise routines at your [...]

Let’s Do Bench Press!

A few weeks ago, we featured some information about the importance and benefits of strength [...]

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