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Five Ways to Help Clients Psych Themselves into Working Out

Getting started working out is the hardest part! When the …

Be One of the Five Clients Fitness Trainers Love

It’s very hard to change your eating habits and schedule …

Flexible October Workouts for Fall Weather

Autumn is the season of sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin spice. …

What’s the Deal With CrossFit? Should you Try it?

CrossFit exploded as a fitness trend some years back, and …

Getting Ready for Fall Fitness – 5 ways to Tailor your Workout for Cold Weather

Getting Ready for Fall Fitness – 5 ways to Tailor …

Get Big — Top Muscle-Building Workouts

You don’t need to be an Olympic Bodybuilder to go to into a the gym every day with the intention of making a change in their body — one [...]

Six Nutrient-Dense Foods for Muscle Growth

Are you trying to put on mass while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Maybe just trying to get a little more definition in your arms, [...]

Household Items or At-Home Gym?

Having an at-home gym can be expensive if you go out and purchase all of the equipment to work out every muscle group, but there are [...]

Weightlifting — The Myths

The days are getting longer, the allergies are starting to show their seasonal faces, and the temperature is getting warmer. The winter [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym

Regardless of what the reason is, whether it’s to look a bit tighter in the midsection with summer coming up, to get in shape for that [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym Part 2

Last week, we wrote about what it takes to get over the fear and intimidation of gyms, and how to make going to the gym as pain-free [...]

Too Much Cardio Can Make You GAIN Weight?

Most of you have probably already taken a baseball bat to your stationary bike and treadmill and threw them down a flight of stairs [...]

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