Family, Friends and CPH

CPH & Associates is a family for it’s employees and Kim Britt learned this straight from the mouth of her family.  Kim Britt, interacts with all CPH calls, she deals with a wide range of issues for the company. Kim, who has been working for CPH for only a few months, appreciates the mutual respect she’s gained and all the knowledge.

Why did you choose, and how long have you worked with CPH?

I chose CPH after hearing great things from my cousin, Faith Frangenberg, who’s worked here for 3+ years. I’m new to the city and started only a month after moving here, towards the end of July.

 What is your role at CPH?

I am a Customer Service Representative, Processor and have just begun training as a Claims Liaison.

Why would customers need to interact with you?

It’s my job to field all types of calls to CPH. Out of this responsibility I interact with customers on a wide array of issues; from answering policy coverage questions, explaining how to make policy changes/updates, mailing policy documents, aiding in online renewals and more.

How would you describe the company culture?

CPH is by far the best office environment I’ve ever worked in. My colleagues balance professionalism and creativity in a mutually supportive and focused manner. Acclimating to my new position here has been really enjoyable with the help of my co-workers and supervisors. I honestly have a lot of respect for my colleagues.

What do you like most about working for CPH? 

The free lunches! Just kidding (but that’s a definite plus ? ) I really like the mutual respect I’ve found here. Although I’m new and still have so much to learn, I’ve never felt left out or undervalued here. Working with a close relative and with easy going and friendly people, getting a chance to assist mental health practitioners in their professions, which are so very important to society,- all make coming to work every day enjoyable.

We focus on offering reliable service for Profession Liability Insurance by creating an environment that allows employees to feel comfortable and giving them the ability to grow quickly in their field. CPH and Associates’ approach to insurance makes it easy for employees like Kim Britt to feel respected. We strive to create an equal opportunity for both employees and clients and understand the importance of all members of our team.


CPH & Associates

CPH & Associates

Over the last decade, more than 500,000 people chose CPH & Associates for liability insurance. Because our business is specialized, we are able to focus on your liability needs in a way that bigger companies are not. Our team of associates represent over 50 years of collective experience in this field, and we are able to serve a large client base while maintaining a small-office approach.

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