For Medical Students: The Best Advice You Haven’t Heard Yet

We’re giving a shout-out to the young, the dedicated, the future of the ever-changing American medical industry. Learning medicine is no easy feat, and we want to help you get the best advice possible! Below you’ll find 3 different categories  – the Obvious, the Traps, and the Trade Secrets. Take them to heart and mind – you’ll need both in your blossoming career.

The Obvious:

No More Procrastination! Cramming like you did in undergrad is a bad idea. It doesn’t help you learn – and you must learn medicine to practice without serious liability risks. Even if you know the books backwards and forwards there are still major liability risks as a student! (Coverage for med students is available, and quite affordable).

Kill the distractions. You don’t need internet, email, text messages, Facebook alerts, the latest baseball score interrupting your obsessive inhalation of medical knowledge. What you do need? FOCUS. It will save you that temptation to engage in pesky cramming, or worse, the hallmark timewaster: the study group!

The Traps:

Study Groups. Nothing says escapism, interruption and learning avoidance like a good old fashioned get together to blaze through the books. Instead of spending the next 60+ chatting it up on the latest viral trend with your med school brethren, take that hour to knock out the parts you know you’re weak on. You can catch up on the crazes later.

The “Doctor” Image. You’re not a doctor yet, so don’t let your ego and desire for the future get the better of you. Be humble and study – don’t go to class in scrubs or a white coat. You’ll encourage your fellow students and, most scarily, professors to dislike you.

The Trade Secrets:

You May Be Young and Fresh, but the Material Is Not! Get your hands on old tests from your professors (and when you can, avoid taking a class from a new professor). He is only human, and has likely repeated many questions on his latest edition. Even if he changes the wording, the concepts are likely the same, and you’ll really hedge your bets to passing the tests.

Expand Your Knowledge. Medicine is not just what’s in the textbook, it’s a constantly tested, growing and changing field. Medical blogs, journals and interesting topics will bring you together with your professors, classmates, and most importantly offer you “street smarts” (or scrub smarts). Studying real world applications for your work is a big priority for a future medical professional.

Be Prepared for Your Next Steps. The professional world will be upon you before you know it. Take the time to do your research and discover where you want to take your residency. Make the proper introductions and finally, make sure that you have all your paperwork covered. As a student, you must be covered with student professional liability insurance in the event of any mishaps in the practice where you complete your studies.

Good luck and remember, stay stress free! Your mental and physical health are important too!


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