Gratitude Journaling

Stay Thankful this Holiday Season with Gratitude Journaling.

Our lives are so often consumed by stress that we rarely pause to consider all that we are thankful and grateful for. Instead, we often focus on the stresses of work, education, financial, friendships, relationships, and conflicts within the family. We only briefly consider the joyful people and things that also fill our lives.

In the spirit of the holidays, bring gratitude to the forefront of your thoughts with Gratitude Journaling. Gratitude journaling is a log kept of all the moments, people, and things in your life that you are grateful for. Ask yourself what you are grateful for each day and write down these thoughts as they come to mind. You may surprise yourself with the large amount of entries you have!

Many celebrities and notable philanthropists have incorporated gratitude journaling into their daily routine. Oprah Winfrey is strong advocate for daily gratitude journaling, and notes that there is always time for it in the day. When she had temporarily stopped her daily gratitude journal, she noticed a shift in her mood; she wasn’t as happy anymore. At first she told herself she was just too busy to log daily, but then reflected on how her life was just as busy before when she was journaling daily. Oprah now writes her journal electronically, and writes it down the moment the grateful thought comes to mind. It’s all about prioritizing your journal and making it as accessible as possible, such as writing it down on your phone or a notebook you keep handy.
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