Honoring The Hospital Field With “National Hospital Week”

Created as an effort to educate society and to promote good will and trust, National Hospital Week was born in Chicago during 1921. Founded by a magazine editor, he suggested sharing information about hospitals would help to alleviate public fears that shrouded the institutions at the time. Today, National Hospital Week, currently sponsored by the American Hospital Association, is one of the nation’s largest healthcare events. Dedicated to celebrating the historical evolution, technological advancements, and devoted professionals that promote an environment of quality care.hosp

CPH and Associates is honored to provide a peace of mind for Mental Health and Allied Professionals, enabling them to stay focused on their patients care and worry-free about their liability coverage. In celebration of National Hospital Week, and in the spirit of educational awareness, we would like to highlight two Allied Health professions we proudly provide coverage for at CPH.

1. Certified Case Manager

Case managers are often also associated with the terms care coordinator or care management. These individuals design and monitor care plans, including coordinating care needs, evaluating patient progress, and measuring outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction.

Offering a wide array of services, case mangers work with individuals and families to cope with difficult or complex medical situations. This includes identifying needs, goals, and available resources to help the patient and/or families achieve a better quality of life. Beyond facilitating care, at times case managers will also advocate on behalf of clients to obtain needed services.

Records indicated there are around 30,000 Board-certified case managers throughout the country. Certification ensures that case managers are skilled, professional, and properly trained. It is also required for case managers looking to specialize in a particular field of care. Case managers work with a wide range of specialties including: occupational services, disabilities, mental health care, long-term care, addictions, child welfare, chronic illnesses, and immigrant/refugee services. Employment is provided through public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.

 2. Medical Record Administrator

Medical Record Administrators are a unique contribution to patient care. Most have little to no contact with the patient, but play a crucial role in ensuring high quality care. Fit to be seen as the hospital librarian, MRAs are responsible for collecting a patient’s health records and verifying the information is accurate and complete. Their primary goal is to minimize mistakes, requiring an attuned eye and strong attention to detail. MRAs must assemble all documentation throughout the life of patient care, including visits, treatments, and prescribed medication.

With Electronic Medical Records quickly becoming the preferred method of tracking patient care, this transition places increased responsibility on existing MRAs. It also creates a market need for technologically savvy MRAs, causing experts to believe this will be a rapidly growing profession throughout the next few years to take on converting patient paper-files into a new electronic system.

MRAs usually also maintain billing accounts and in some cases legal information. They can be found providing care in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices.

Are you a Certified Case Manager or Medical Record Administrator? CPH and Associates thanks you for your dedication to your profession! With the large amount of sensitive patient data both Case Managers and Medical Record Admins have access to, it is absolutely imperative to be protected from liability claims. Check out our website for a free instant quote!


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