Malpractice Insurance for Health & Life Coaches

As a life coach, you understand the power of peace of mind. CPH and Associates professional liability insurance for life and wellness coaches is essential to protecting your livelihood so you can focus on helping others improve their life and well being. With this coverage, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected from a grievance or a lawsuit related to your professional services.


Life Coach Program Benefits

  • Zero Deductible
  • Coverage encompasses the U.S. and internationally for short business trips that do not exceed 30 days
  • Professional Liability on a claims-made basis
  • Professional Liability Limits: $1,000,000 each occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate
  • Optional Premises Liability
  • Unlimited Defense Coverage
  • Deposition Expense Coverage: $5,000 per deposition/ $15,000 aggregate
  • State Licensing Board Defense Coverage: $25,000 aggregate

Life Coach Program FAQs

Do I have to be licensed or certified to provide services as a health/life coach?

Our policy will provide coverage for services you can legally provide within the scope of your states guidelines. Please refer to your states license/certification guidelines for confirmation.

What do the "Limits of Liability" mean?

The first number (“Per Incident” or “Per Occurrence”) refers to the maximum amount that can be paid as "damages" for any single claim. The second number (“Aggregate”) refers to the total amount that can be paid for all claims during the policy period (in our case, the "policy period" = 1 year).

Defense costs are unlimited and are not deducted from the limits of liability.

Do I have the option to add General Liability (slip n’ fall/premises liability)?

The policy does include some coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims in the direct space in which services are rendered under the Supplemental Liability coverage. However, you can also add comprehensive general liability coverage (also known as Premises Liability) for an additional $150, which covers bodily injury and property damage claims on the entire premises of where you are providing services. The general liability is issued on an Occurrence basis.

This coverage includes $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate limits of liability for slip n’ fall claims, $250,000 of fire/water legal liability coverage, and personal liability coverage is included in the general liability limits of liability.

Can I cover my corporate entity and staff?

The policy can be extended to cover your corporate entity only if you have no staff. A corporate policy can only cover you as an owner/partner/principle, and the corporate entity itself. If you have W-2 employees, you are not eligible for corporate coverage.

Is this policy Claims made or Occurrence based?

This is a claims made policy. A Claims-Made Policy will only cover claims reported while the policy is in effect. If a claim is reported after the expiration date of a policy there would need to be “tail coverage”, or an extended reporting period, in place in order for that claim to be covered. “Tail Coverage” extends the amount of time insureds can report a claim after the expiration date. If you purchase the premises liability, this piece of the coverage is issued on an occurrence basis.

What is Tail Coverage, or an Extended Reporting Period, and why is this necessary?

The extended reporting period extends the amount of time you can report a claim that occurred back during your claims made coverage dates. You would need to purchase the extended reporting period if you choose not to renew your coverage, or switch to a different carrier.

What is a retroactive date? Does my policy have one?

Policies written on a Claims-Made basis contain a specific date on which coverage begins (commonly known as the "retroactive date") and provides no coverage for claims arising out of occurrences that take place prior to this date. Your health/life coach policy is a claims made policy and does include a retroactive date.

I also have other certifications/licensure/occupations. How do I cover those services?

CPH & Associates administers programs for mental health, allied health, and fitness professionals. Please visit our "Applications" tab to learn more about these programs, and applying for coverage.

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