Putting the “Health” in Mental and Allied Health

Both mental and allied health providers have to keep one thing in mind when practicing their field of expertise. The word “health” doesn’t only apply to the rest of the world. Healthcare needs to be a give and take – you are an allied healthcare provider but you must also give healthcare – to yourself. Not always easy, right? The demands of patients and their lives along with your own oath to do whatever it takes to heal, often means that you put yourself aside for the good of the rest of the population. But that population that needs your healing expertise also needs you, as the healer, to heal yourself and to be healthy. Healthcare is not solely about the other person, here are a few ways to encourage health in your own mind and body.

  1. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Eat healthful meals, drink water and nutritious drinks and generally remember to be good to your body. Practice what you preach.
  2. Get Sleep. Getting to sleep and staying asleep are sometimes two different things. You can get to sleep but after a few hours you may wake up. Conversely it may take hours to get to sleep, so that by 3 a.m. you’re dozing and by 5 a.m. you’re waking. If stress is the culprit, try to talk things out and leave the stress out of the bedroom. Soothe yourself by whatever means feels the best: music, reading or good television. Talk with your partner. Be with your kids. Make your bedroom a sanctuary of peace so you can sleep better and longer.
  3. Exercise. The most popular and easiest form of exercise is walking. You spend your day telling others to exercise. Now it’s your turn. Get out after breakfast, during lunch or after dinner, whichever is easiest. It will help to clear your mind and put you on the right track for dealing with the rest of life’s challenges.

If you remember that your health goes hand in hand with the healthy advice you administer to others, you will help yourself and your family; while also becoming a stronger, healthier healthcare provider.


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