Recognizing “Nursing Home Week” With 3 Tips For Liability Prevention

Sponsored by the American Health Care Association, this year May 12-18th marks the observance of National Nursing Home Week (NNHW), an initiative to raise awareness and show support for nursing care staff, volunteers, residents, and their family members. This national week of recognition encourages communities to celebrate and promote those that make a positive difference in the lives of residents living under nursing home care.

CPH and Associates is proud to support our Allied Health Professionals who contribute to the betterment of daily living for our aging population. For more information on Nursing Home Week visit them on Facebook.

 3 Tips for Nursing Home Liability Prevention:

1.      Know Your Plan – preventive measures are essential for successfully preventing a liability claim. Establish and maintain a written program for routine housekeeping, maintenance repairs, safety code compliance, and emergency circumstances. Delegate tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis to ensure all bases are covered.

Examples to include: daily floor inspections for spills or damage, cleanings, and quarterly reapplications of non-slip coatings. Have a routine housekeeping staff with a written cleaning schedule, and an assigned supervisor to inspect their work. For mechanical, electric, and plumbing issues, be sure all staff knows where to find repair service contact information in cases of emergencies. Safety code plans should check alarms, sensors, monitors, and that there are an adequate number of fire extinguishers. A detailed emergency evacuation plan should include procedures for in the event of: fire, disruptive intruders, adverse weather, and power failures.

2.      Put Your Plan To Practice – Throughout the week have scheduled resident safety inspections to ensure proper working order of bathroom facilities, in-room call buttons, and that there are no present hazards for residents. Staff should be trained and well-versed on emergency plan procedures and requested to participate in annual re-certifications. Conduct practice drills at least once per quarter or as required by your local ordinance.

3.      Assign Responsibility – to guarantee the highest quality care for residents, ensure the entire staff is well educated in facility procedures, has assigned tasks and duties, and a supervisor to make sure the work is performed. Maintain proper security standards by keeping exterior doors locked, mounting video surveillance cameras throughout the facility (including parking lots, hallways, and common areas), and having standard procedures for greeting and checking in visitors.

By taking preventative measures against liabilities claims you’re not only offering a higher quality of living for residents, but ensuring the working order and protection of the facility. When is the last time you revamped your game plan? Might be time to dust off the play book and give it an upgrade! Happy Nursing Home Week!


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