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Today is Santa’s List Day, and what better way to celebrate the day of the most important list of your childhood than to touch on what should be on your adult Santa’s List.

Today is a day to reflect back on our childhood, and the wonderful practice of thinking, wishing and contemplating about what Santa may bring us at the end of the month. For many, it was a day of weighing in on a year’s worth of being naughty or nice, and reflecting on what type of prizes may be in store in respect with their amassed total of behavior. This is the one day of the year when being a brat really, really stung — Santa’s list was a serious matter, and being on the “Nice” side was imperative. It seemed so simple back then: being “Nice” will get your great gifts, being “naughty” may not grant the same result.

For us, adults, over a lifetime of “growing up,” one fact became very clear, especially on a day like this: The difference between childhood and adulthood, is that being “Nice” as an adult does not necessarily guarantee not getting coal in your stalking at the end of the year.

For mental health professionals, this “coal” may come in a way of a liability suit dropped on you right around the holidays, wrapped in a bow and ready to make the next few months of your life a special delight, all of it an ironic “Thank You” for a year’s worth of long hours, hard work and stress.

Yes, hoping that Santa does not bring coal is simply not enough! Mental and Allied Health professionals need protection from coal… Santa needs to bring Liability Insurance!

A CPH application for a policy should fit nicely in the bag. State Licensing Board Defense coverage up to $35,000 per year will be provided for civil investigations and/or licensing board disciplinary proceedings from the rendering of professional services, with options to increase this coverage to $75,000 or $100,000. Deposition Expense Coverage pays up to $10,000 per deposition and $35,000 per policy period for legal fees and expenses. Medical Expense Coverage pays up to $5,000 per incident and $50,000 maximum per policy period regardless of fault for necessary medical expenses incurred within a three year period from the date of an accident resulting from your professional service, including First-Aid coverage of up to $15,000. Last but not least, Defendant’s Reimbursement Coverage pays up to $1,000 per day with a $35,000 maximum for actual loss of earnings you incur for attendance at a trial or hearing as long as the suit or proceedings is a result from an injury covered by the policy.

With a Liability Insurance Coverage from CPH, you avoid a potential unpleasant surprise, and focus on the spirit of the holiday season: pleasant surprises!

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