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Most state laws make it a crime and a violation of the licensing law for a licensee to advertise [...]


Practitioners must pay attention to advertising issues because when they advertise they put [...]

Sliding Fee Scale

One of the most basic rules of advertising is that advertisements cannot be false, fraudulent, [...]

Protected or Prohibited Words

An advertisement that contains a misrepresentation of fact or a failure to disclose a material [...]

Advertising “Doctor/Dr.”

With respect to the word “doctor” or the letters or prefix “Dr.,” state law (the Medical Practice [...]

Pre-licensed Persons

It must always be remembered that advertising must be truthful and not false, misleading, or [...]

Advertising/Marketing on Groupon

A question has been raised by a reader about the appropriateness of advertising and marketing by [...]

Advertising Reminders

I have written about advertising before, but a few reminders and cautions cannot hurt!