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Dangerous Patients – Duty to Warn / Duty to Protect

I have written extensively on this topic in this Avoiding Liability Bulletin and elsewhere. Over [...]

The Unique Benefits of CPH Personal Trainer Insurance

Having high quality, affordable personal trainer insurance provides peace of mind, …Below you will find topics that I have written about in prior issues of the Avoiding Liability [...]

All I Want for Fitmas is: 3 Tips to Build a Successful Personal Training Business

As 2016 quickly approaches, business planning becomes essential for every personal trainer. [...]

The Regulation of Telehealth / Online Therapy and Informed Consent

With respect to the issue of “informed consent,” earlier iterations of the telemedicine law [...]

Accreditation – Students File Lawsuit Against University

Universities and colleges throughout the country, and programs within these institutions, seek [...]

Authorization Forms

When you receive an authorization form from another, allowing you to release information to the [...]

Treatment Records

Therapists and counselors should recognize that good record keeping practices will often serve to [...]

Treating Children

One of the issues that therapists and counselors face when the patient is a child involves the [...]

Records – Stolen, Lost or Destroyed

The primary fear of the therapist or counselor when records are lost or stolen is that [...]

Keeping Treatment Records

The often-asked question of mental health practitioners is: For how long should I keep patient [...]

Access to Records – “Noncustodial Parent”

It is important for therapists and counselors to know the law with respect to parental access to [...]