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Dangerous Patients – Duty to Warn / Duty to Protect

I have written extensively on this topic in this Avoiding Liability Bulletin and elsewhere. Over [...]

The Unique Benefits of CPH Personal Trainer Insurance

Having high quality, affordable personal trainer insurance provides peace of mind, …As 2016 quickly approaches, business planning becomes essential for every personal trainer. [...]

Accreditation – Students File Lawsuit Against University

Universities and colleges throughout the country, and programs within these institutions, seek [...]

Authorization Forms

When you receive an authorization form from another, allowing you to release information to the [...]

Treatment Records

Therapists and counselors should recognize that good record keeping practices will often serve to [...]

Treating Children

One of the issues that therapists and counselors face when the patient is a child involves the [...]

Records – Stolen, Lost or Destroyed

The primary fear of the therapist or counselor when records are lost or stolen is that [...]

Keeping Treatment Records

The often-asked question of mental health practitioners is: For how long should I keep patient [...]

Access to Records – “Noncustodial Parent”

It is important for therapists and counselors to know the law with respect to parental access to [...]

Records – Removal of Information From File

Does the therapist or counselor ever (under any circumstances) have a right or is it ever [...]

Records – Destruction at the Request of the Patient?

Some states may not have a law that specifies the length of time that patient records must be [...]