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Disciplinary Actions

… State regulatory boards, as part of their enforcement duties, have various options with respect [...]

Licensing and Certification

… What is the basic difference between a licensing act and a certification act with respect to a [...]

Negligence vs. Gross Negligence

… What is the difference between the two? Why does it matter? As to the difference, negligence [...]

Scope of Competence

… Licensing laws, regulations, and/or ethics codes will typically contain provisions that [...]

Scope of License

… Each licensed mental health professional and other licensees are governed by a licensing law of [...]

Something Lighter – Law and Sausage!

It is well known to even casual observers of the legal system that lawyers are often arguing over [...]

Mandatory Continuing Education – Does it work

… Most states require some form of mandatory continuing education in order for licensees to renew [...]

Laws, Regulations, and the Attorney Generals’ Opinions

… There are various kinds of legal authority that affect counselors and therapists. It is [...]


… Suppose that a counselor or therapist is treating a woman who was the victim of a rape. Assume [...]

Discipline And Due Process

Licensing by the state is not a right, but rather, a privilege. Those who are licensed, whether [...]

Disciplinary Actions

…Licensing (as a mental health professional) by the state is a privilege, not a right. Once [...]

Scope Of Competence/Scope Of License

… May a licensed marriage and family therapist or a licensed professional clinical counselor [...]