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Immunities from Liability

… While I have written about this topic before in a variety of contexts, it is worth repeating [...]

Child Abuse

… Suppose your patient, a sixteen- year old boy, tells you that he started a fight with his [...]

Child Abuse Reporting

… Suppose a therapist or counselor (mandated reporter) in state “A” is told by her sixteen year [...]

Child Abuse Reporting

… Therapists must know the nuances of the child abuse reporting laws in their respective states. [...]

Child Abuse Reporting 2

… A man punches a pregnant woman in the stomach. If the therapist finds out about this in the [...]

Child Abuse Reporting 3

… Why is it important to know the time frame and manner of reporting required by state child [...]

Child Abuse Reporting – Duty to Investigate?

… Does a therapist or counselor generally have a duty to investigate in situations involving [...]

Child Abuse

… Some forms of child abuse may not be readily recognizable to practitioners. That is why a [...]

Think About This – Child Abuse?

...A parent smokes marijuana (one time) in front of her 17 year-old daughter and tells her [...]

Child Abuse Report Required or Permitted?

… A parent smokes marijuana (one time) in front of her 17-year old daughter and tells her [...]

Emancipation of Minor

… What is the effect, if any, of your state’s emancipation of minor laws on your duty as a [...]

Identity of the Reporter

… Child abuse reporting laws in the various states are similar in many respects, although there [...]