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The Unique Benefits of CPH Personal Trainer Insurance

Having high quality, affordable personal trainer insurance provides peace of mind, …As a fitness trainer, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or nutritional …Running a fitness trainer business means more than just seeing …Medical emergencies can throw the calmest training session into chaos …When you train in a hands-on specialty, touching a client …It seems like everywhere you look, someone is threatening to …7 Things Fitness Clients do that make Personal Trainers Crazy …Six Things People with Body Issues Wish You Knew People …

What’s Needed to Apply for Fitness Insurance, and How Long Does it Take?

Trainer insurance is fairly easy to apply for. If you are properly trained as a fitness [...]

Flex Your Smartest Muscle as a WellFit Professional

Just like proper stretching and technique are essential in the gym or on the field, you know that [...]

A Tale of Two Trainers

Trainer A is a gym rat turned part-time personal trainer who takes clients when they come, and [...]

Terms on Your Malpractice Insurance Policy You Need to Know

The days of vocabulary quizzes may be long gone, but there are a few terms on your professional [...]