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Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Becoming Intimate with Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy Here’s a useful and common case example that may save you from a complaint or lawsuit by the [...]

Attending the Patient’s Wedding (or Other Significant Event)

… A therapist or counselor may be asked to attend the wedding, graduation, or funeral of a [...]

Dual or Multiple Relationships – An Overview

… What exactly are dual or multiple relationships? Are all dual relationships prohibited? If [...]

Gifts – To and From Patients

… I have been asked to comment on how I feel about a therapist or counselor giving or receiving a [...]

Conflicts: Treating Multiple Members of a Family

Many therapists and counselors treat more than one member of a family, either concurrently or [...]


Counselors and therapists often encounter conflicts, or what may sometimes be referred to as [...]

Conflicts 2

In the July 2008 issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin, which was devoted to the topics of [...]

Helping the Client in Tough Economic Times?

… The issues that are discussed in this piece are not new, nor are they limited to occurring in [...]

Expert Testimony

… In a recent disciplinary action brought by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences against [...]

Dual Relationships

… Suppose a therapist or counselor allows the payment of a patient’s bill to be either fully or [...]

Dual Relationships 2

DUAL RELATIONSHIPS: Do you know the difference between an ethical dual relationship and an [...]