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Boards of Nursing and Their Disciplinary Powers

Your state board of nursing has the authority to administer and enforce the state nurse practice [...]

Ethics – Enforcement

What is the difference between an ethics violation and a violation of a state law or regulation [...]

Mandatory Continuing Education – On a Lighter Note!

With the long-standing dysfunction of Congress acknowledged by many inside and outside of [...]


The various professional organizations that represent a variety of mental health practitioners [...]

Verbal Abuse – Free Speech

There are situations that may arise in the course of practicing therapy where a therapist or [...]

Self Disclosure

How much self-disclosure by therapists and counselors is appropriate?It is not unusual for therapists to talk with colleagues about the work they are doing with [...]

Bequest from Patient

In last month’s issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin (October 2007), I asked readers to [...]