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Death of the Patient

… Suppose that your client/patient doesn’t appear for a scheduled appointment and that shortly [...]

“No Secrets” Policy (Couple Being Treated)

… When therapists and counselors view the couple as the client, a question arises about the [...]

Couple Being Treated

… Therapists and counselors often let patients know about confidentiality and the exceptions to [...]

Child Abuse Investigations

...Therapists and counselors are generally aware of their child abuse reporting duties. But, [...]

Group Therapy

… I have previously written about this topic where I addressed the question of the [...]

Cooperation With Child Abuse Investigator (?)

… While practitioners must be mindful of the duty of confidentiality and must instinctively lean [...]

HIV / AIDS and Confidentiality

… Your client tells you that he has just tested positively for HIV/AIDS. Is this information [...]


… While confidentiality is generally considered to be a cornerstone of psychotherapy, most mental [...]