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When your clients need help with their Anxiety

As a mental health professional it’s important to identify the key signs your client may be going [...]

Protect your Mental Health During the Holidays

For much of America, Thanksgiving is the holiday when families …With Thanksgiving this week, trying to maintain a healthy nutrition …If you have sleep issues, you aren’t alone. According to …

Five Nutritious Soups You Have to Try this Fall

Fall is here and that means it’s time for some …

Providing Personal Training Services Off-Site

locations. In this latter situation, services are sometimes provided in client homes or [...]

The Connection Between Diet and Mental Health

With the stress of the workplace or school, money, responsibilities, …Toccara Daniel is a personal trainer, exercise physiologist, and group …Aside from stretching, eating before a workout plays the largest …Fitness isn’t just for young adults and people looking to …Getting started working out is the hardest part! When the …It’s very hard to change your eating habits and schedule …