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Scope Of Competence / Scope Of License

… May a licensed marriage and family therapist or a licensed professional clinical counselor [...]

Pre-licensed Employees – Disclosures

… Pre-licensed employees, such as registered interns or those similarly titled, should disclose [...]

Definition of Psychotherapy

Some state laws or regulations dealing with scope of practice/scope of license, privilege, [...]

Procedural Due Process

This term generally involves the basic legal principle that if an administrative agency of the [...]

Mandatory Continuing Education – On a Lighter Note!

With the long-standing dysfunction of Congress acknowledged by many inside and outside of [...]

Keeping Your License – Some Thoughts

The most valuable business asset you have is your license. While I have known people who have had [...]

Keeping Your License – Brief Follow-up

Shortly after writing the March 2016 Bulletin, where I wrote about “driving under the influence” [...]