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Breach of Confidentiality Claims

Therapists and counselors are expected to be keenly aware of their duty of confidentiality, but [...]

Transparency Without Overexposure, Boundaries Without Remoteness

We therapists are paid to be nosey—in a professional way, of course.  We get to ask strangers [...]


There are many legal issues affecting mental health professionals that involve the subject of [...]

Diversity And The Law

In the December 2009 issue of this Bulletin, I gave three examples of, and asked related [...]

Dangerous Patient

Once again, following the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, there is much public [...]

Confidentiality and Authorization Forms

… One of the public policy principles that the HIPAA regulations were influenced by was the [...]

Group Therapy

… I have previously written about this topic where I addressed the question of the [...]

Disclosure – How Much? How Direct?

Picture the following scenario as a prospective patient seeking therapy. You come to see a [...]

Confidentiality – Insurance Reimbursement

The duty of confidentiality is often on the minds of practitioners when it comes to dealing with [...]